Tom Maoli
About Tom Maoli

New Jersey bred, Tom Maoli is the very definition of an entrepreneur. When presented with an opportunity, Maoli has never hesitated, trusting his keen business sense to direct him. The result? Maoli has established himself as one of the state’s most successful and influential business leaders.

His business sense was most clearly on display in 2011, when Maoli, who had never worked in a car dealership, purchased a struggling Warnock Automotive Group. At the time, the group had four dealerships and an operation that modified fleet vehicles. He sold four businesses: one Ford store, two Chrysler stores and the upfitting business. He kept the Lexus store and renamed it Lexus of Route 10. He overhauled the management and tightened its financial structure into the now, the number one Lexus dealer in the North East Region, Lexus of Route 10.

"The most challenging part was that the manufacturer wouldn't approve me because I didn't have the relevant retail experience," says Maoli, owner of Lexus of Route 10 in Whippany, N.J. But when Lexus saw Maoli's highly successful background in real estate and his success as an entrepreneur, "it all came together," he says.

Tom Maoli Turns Around a Flailing Dealership Group

In his first year, the dealership's new- and used-vehicle sales rose 67 percent over the previous year, Maoli says. Through March, his new- and used-vehicle sales were up 30 percent over the year-ago period, he says. The store sells about 4,000 new and used vehicles a year.

Maoli credits his success to precise marketing messages and switching from traditional ads to more digital and direct marketing. And he credits the culture he created. Maoli fired some people and added about 15 new dealership employees. He also shifted some employees into jobs that better suited their skills, he says. He also asked each employee for feedback on how the store could operate better. "We listened to every single person's concerns and complaints, and we addressed every single one of them," Maoli says.

The employee turnover rate went from 50 percent to less than 5 percent since 2011. "The revolving-door policy in the industry with employees is a really bad policy, which is if they don't perform they lose their jobs," Maoli says. "We want to get them the tools to make sure they succeed."

Tom Maoli Begins Building An Auto Empire

Building on that achievement, Maserati of Morris County was established in 2014, which continued the company’s thriving expansion and support of luxury brands.

The following year, Maoli purchased the former JMK BMW and Fiat, applying the same business principles he instituted in his Lexus dealership, to create BMW of Springfield on Route 22 in Springfield, New Jersey.

2017 has been a busy year for Maoli. He kicked off the year by adding Alfa Romeo of Morris County to his Celebrity Motor Car Company dealership group, and followed that by opening Maserati of Bergen County, his first dealership in Bergen County, New Jersey. In March, Maoli opened Goldens Bridge Mercedes-Benz in Westchester County, New York.

Maoli is under contract to buy more luxury brand dealerships, with a closing anticipated by the end of 2017.

As dealer principal of Lexus of Route 10, Tom Maoli’s Lexus dealership is part of Lexus’ “Elite League” – one of 30 stores in the entire nation. His dealership is one of only 10 in the entire nation to be awarded the Lexus Circle of Excellence for Finance and Insurance. In 2013 and 2014, Maoli’s dealership won the Lexus Crown Jewel Award. In March 2017, Maoli’s BMW of Springfield was one of only 33 dealerships nationwide to be honored with a Center of Excellence award.

Maoli is also in talks with some manufacturers to take over failing dealerships and to receive open points based on his stellar proven formula and performance.

Tom Maoli – The Real Estate Magnate

In addition to his every growing automobile empire, for the last 25 years Maoli has been a real-estate developer. Thomas Maoli is President and CEO of Real Estate Opportunity Investments, LLC. REOI is a real estate company, which specializes in purchasing, holding, developing and operating of retail shopping centers, office buildings and residential developments throughout the Northeast. Major goals of the REOI is to identify and develop residential and commercial needs by matching experienced management, prime property location, financing expertise and development experience to achieve successful investment potential.

"That real-estate experience is another piece of the puzzle as it helps me on the real estate side of the car business in terms of developing and remolding the dealerships and putting it all together," Maoli says.

Tom Maoli – Creates Logistics Company

In 1993, Thomas Maoli founded Flash Global Logistics Services, Inc. FGLS, a global company, was established to distribute just-in-time mission critical parts to support supply chain continuity for a variety of Fortune 100 companies including Ford, Siemens, Hitachi, GE, Cisco Google, Boeing, Caterpillar, to name a few. The company focused on and offered services 24 hours a day 365 days a year to automotive, medical equipment and technology companies through 750 global locations. Establishing Metrics Driver technology software system developed by Maoli , FGLS provided optimal management and supplied critical inventories with a 99.75% on time performance and with 99.8% inventory accuracy. It grew to more than 550 global locations and more than $50 million in annual revenues by the time he sold it in 2007.

Just one more piece of the puzzle as Maoli states “Inventory is a critical part of the automobile business and I have lots of experience in that field “.

The precursor to FGLS was Flash Messenger Services, established in 1982, beginning Thomas Maoli’s ventures into logistics, delivery, management, marketing, top-level corporate domestic / international negotiations and financing.

"[Flash Messenger & Flash Logistics] gave me a huge parts, technology and service-oriented background," Maoli says. "In the logistics business, we had to have parts on site within two and four hours to meet contract business. It also gave me an inventory background, which helps me in the parts department."

Maoli traces his love for collecting classic cars back to when he was 16 when he bought a 1959 Cadillac for $700, fixed it up and sold it for $7,000 a year later. "I just fell in love with it," he says. "It was my first venture."

Maoli, who never went to college and describes himself as "self-educated," says he knows retail. "What the customers want is continuity. They want to see the same people working for us, and they'll buy from us again."

Tom Maoli – The Philanthropist

While Tom Maoli is a highly successful business executive and entrepreneur, he also recognizes his need to be a positive community and state role model. Some of his professional and civic accomplishments include:

  • Community Soup Kitchen & Outreach Center of Morristown, NJ
  • 2016 - Maoli was named a member of the Donald Trump for President fund raising team and transition team
  • 2015 – Maoli is named to Governor Christie’s Presidential Leadership team
  • 2015 – Maoli is Morris County Columbus Day Parade’s Man of the Year
  • 1985 – 1989 – Named to Advisory Board for Hudson United Bank (now TD Bank)
  • 2009 – Current, Member of the Executive Finance Committee for the NJ Governor
  • Member - NJ Property Owners Association
  • Donor - Morris County Food Bank
  • Donor - Rose Petals Hospice – Dedicated Care to Terminally Ill Children & Their Families